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Tuesday, 12 August 2008
By taking note of various changes in the status of different available stock options, you will learn how to spot early market trends, giving you a clue to the future of a particular commodity, and this can only add to your chances for profitability. Prediction is a big part of the game when working in the stock market, since you can never be completely certain in what direction the market will swing at any given time.

However, you can make an educated guess, much the same way a meteorologist forecasts the weather. While he or she is not right 100% of the time, the forecast is usually quite close to the actual outcome of the weather because the meteorologist is a scientist who has studied weather trends and can pick out details that assist in making that educated guess. With a little time and seasoning, you can attain the same level of experience and intuition within the stock market.

Once you have become more comfortable functioning in the same world as the stockbrokers and day traders, and you feel confident (or at least less nervous or awkward) making such important financial decisions, you may decide to make your move toward the Foreign Exchange Market (more commonly known as Forex), and the goal of this book is to prepare you to operate within the boundaries of this more complex entity. Next, we will discuss some of the properties of Forex and how much more complex this stock market entity can be than a standard domestic market.

The Foreign Exchange Market is incredibly volatile, and there are a lot more factors to consider when placing an order on this market than on a domestic market. The following chapter is an introduction to the exciting and somewhat scary world of the Foreign Exchange Market, or Forex.

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